Friday, May 23, 2008

hey people....whuts up?

so hey, I'm 21 now and living in Vancouver. It's a big change when you move out and start living on your own, I've acquired routines and necessities i never thought i would come to admit. I've ventured out on streets way past a bed time, and even created a bedtime time. Everything that i am capable of now i cant say that I've learned by myself. It's heavily influenced by people "Back Home". Winnipeg has shaped me into one of the most well rounded people in this day and age, all my friends that i keep in touch with will never be forgotten, the topography will never be erased, the memories of the environment i once claimed ownership to will never leave my mind. my parents can look at me now and feel proud not because i became a useless fuck with a B.A. degree but that i am surviving without financial aid. Right now I've learned what I'm capable of and i couldn't be more proud of myself in a introspective sense. I criticize less, am less aggressive, put more forethought into things, and express interest in more foreign concepts than before. This whole rant probably has the reader lost right now because of how I'm putting this. I'm still the same Brady, but I've done a lot of that Life thing people fear so much in the last year. I'm honing skillz bitches, and my reps getting bigger. although its all coming into light that soon i will need to focus my attention on finding a suitable career other than the B plan which is a camera technician. Big ups to everyone, even the enemies.