Wednesday, November 21, 2007


a while back i Challenged Bramwell to a Blog-off of sorts. we both blogged the shit out of the same event. Which was shred...

Jimbo was one of the main subjects, see here eying up a mighty railing structure


Bram had to keep reminding Jimbo that if the ground where made of dildos he would've been fucked.

Jimbo fucking hates dildos FYI

so he took control of the situation and put his root down!!!

baby Jake was glad he didn't have to mentally picture Jimbo being raped by things.

so he asked him to do it again and he'll get this one on video for really for sure this time. Jimbo back handed Jake and came correct with another deadly aeronautical maneuver...

Thats when Double dads woke up from his nap, and said it would be so sick to take some video of it too.

Jimbo back-handed Pat and went to work for the man once again (seen here while Bram texts his GF about how boring his day has been)

Jimbo throws in the towel and says he's had enough for one day...

that and his hand is starting sting a little from backhanding filmer bitches.

so while the filmers check there Footy...

Bram goes on a "cat in the moonlight" like escapade...


At this point Jake says he ants to get his dick wet being gnarly, so we all hopped onto Brams back and he chartered us all the way to Audi ville. when we got there he was quoted as saying "get off my back ese's don't you know I'm loco??!?"

no we don't Bramwell. so the guys set up lights with some stolen cars as Jake took a few deep breaths and did a couple lunges.

and thats when Jake surprised the crap out of everyone with this bad boy...

and thats when i looked Ryan Reynolds in the eyes and said "I've got a tank full of gas, and 2 pairs of sunglasses...lets make a run for it baby"