Tuesday, October 23, 2007

at some point you will follow someone pretty onto a bus.

So recently I quit at the Camera repair shop (although i have 1 or 2 more blogs on camera type stuff in raw unadulterated pictures) and moved out west to BC-donalds. I am recently holding up at a friends house but i assure that doesnt mean i've been living it up. its rained for 5 days in a row, which is a normal occurance, BUT COME ON!!! 5 DAYSS!! So before i look for an apartment, i need a job, and before i get a job i want a car. so this is my days leading up to my next vehicular purchase...

I left midweek on a big jet

I took a wicked poo and drew an awesome picture on the seat in front of me.

when i arrived i was taken away to my grandparents house and fed burnt swedish meatballs. of which case jacob contacted me and we met up at the sky train. went to his place and i set up shop IMMEDIATLY!!!

so it took me a short while to realise that busses and carpools suck ass

so i hit the classifieds and spied up this lilttle beauty!!

now alot of people nowadays think its perfectly acceptible to shop online, and it is. But i found out shortly after i posted a car for sale that alot of people think that used item classifieds are much like ebay or amazon. reality check people, get off your fat ass and actually see what it is that is for sale!

So, i checked out ferry departure times and bus routes and planned my day. I left at 9:15 and caught a bus to horseshoe bay. It was a rainy ass day again.


Left the smotting turd of a Rock known as BC...

and passed by a few more steamy wastepiles.

made it to the ocean...

and that got boring right quick, so i resorted to Origami.

Once on the island, i resorted once again to bussing...

and walking.

until i finnaly met up with a Mr. Furley looking guy in his 60's with this parked in his drive way...

Needless to say it was way sick, so i offered a G note and he accepted on the terms that it was cash, paid in full. so now one of these weekends i gotta pick it up and drive it back to BC.

in the meantime heres a video of what i'll be missing out on in winnipeg...

and what i have to look forward to in this car.