Wednesday, June 27, 2007

k, most fucked up posting job ever, but fuck yous for nobody teaching me HTML codes something proper son.

so in reverse order of how i wanted it....

Me being psyched for Jimbo

2 dads being psyched he didn't loose his penis.
Jimbo intensity

me being a little less psyched

filmer bitch 2 fathers holding it down..

filmer bitch

SYDNEY and Ingrid
Evan caught in a sprinkle
tyler shitz with chip and dip in bellyhole.
he's is so dumb he had to get a grrl to get it out.
this bird dun fucked up cause he is a bitch.

hotty with the body

we aren't holding hands, thats an east coast-2-west coast high five
i though Bramwell could ride bikes
till he pulled this grade 3 shit
your shoelace-gaurd is in the mail
this mixtape should not be in existence

this watch is property of a huderite...hooderite???
nice seat BRAMWELLL
fucking awesome job on the bike though...
and shit.
what type of pheasant is this piece of fuck bird?
i worked out with Alex Ott a few weekends ago and that was awesome. it was at 2 in the morning and we did 200 pull ups.

a hemorrhoid?
Burchuk lipslide

Burchuk ghost 180
more feasant phuck
i got rid of all my other shitty bikes so now i dont have anythign rusting in the backyard.
Erin is my prettiest shopping friend

all sellkrack, all the tymee!!!
cant get enough lipslide

next car??? ELECTRIC GUTTAIR!!!


car that i want for my trip to new york
greatest seam repair ever...IF YOU WANT TO BE A FOOTBALL!!

the last photo actually happend'd